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Using Exact Match Domain Name With Target Keywords for URLexact match domain target keywords for url with archer showing good aim image

If you have gotten this far, I am going to assume you have completed Step One and Two. You should have assembled your high volume “exact target keywords list” from the Google Keywords tool to locate your exact match domain target keywords for url.

With Step Two you should have ran the “target keywords for your URL” through the Traffic Travis Website SEO Analysis to determine the list of “Relatively Easy” exact match domain target keywords for a URL search.

Step Three is to see if these “Relatively Easy” exact match keywords are available for a URL. Make sure have your “Relatively Easy” list of target keywords available.

Relevant Exact Match Domain Target Keywords for URL

Google is always on the search for sites that have good relevancy. Google does look at the Title and URL of your site. Therefore, a selection of a solid, relevant domain name is extremely important. I still strongly promote the use of Exact Match Domain for my home page (EMD).This is where you use exactly the target keywords for your URL. You want to use target keywords that you plan on ranking for and find keyword rich urls to use throughout the site.

You might have heard the rumor that there was a so-called EMD slap with the last Google algorithm change. There is NO EMD domain penalty. In fact, getting relevant sites that use exact match Google domain keywords for a URL, has actually become easier!

I normally like to buy my EMD SEO targeted URL from GoDaddy because it is convenient and not expensive. GoDaddy also have a great multiple keyword checker so I can check multiple exact match search for a domain URL all at once. (time saver and I love time savers)  I also use Host Gator and recommend them highly for hosting my account. Click here to look at the pricing of Host Gator


Website User Feedback…I love the article and thought pattern around the “Google search exact match domain” I wish I had done it on my main page but I am using it on my new pages and they are ranking a little quicker. Of course I am getting picker with my long tail keywords. EVA – SWITZERLAND


Another top registrars I recommend if you are not a GoDaddy fan is:  NameCheap to check the availability.

So you have run all your “Relatively Easy” rated Google keywords through a registrar. Hopefully one of the Google exact match domain target keywords for URL has a high enough search volume and it is available as a URL with a dot com. If so it looks perfect as your exact match domain targeted keywords for URL.

Don’t Wait! Buy the Exact Match Domain Target Keywords for URL YET!!!!!

Take a deep breath and make sure the domain matches your niche. You have good search volume that is rated “Relatively Easy.” Look at it hard, does the keyword phrase meet your purpose, is it the keyword phrase for the goal, can you expand it into a site, then go for it. I have seen people wait and lose perfect exact match domain URL’s from pure hesitation.

Using exact match domain target keywords for URL is a major key to your success and is like having money in your pocket. If you can find a URL with long tail keywords phrase it is even better. It is an easy way to improve search engine ranking from the start. That is your keyword’s aim and end goal.

What do I do if the URL’s I am aiming for are taken?

  • I have found that dot com, dot org, dot net all work well. (stay away from dot info) So give them a try.
  • Try a hyphen but if you are going to use a hyphen use only one in the name. Don’t change the exact match domain target keywords for URL to match what is available.
  • Look for other Google target keywords for url or combination of keywords that fill your purpose such as long tail keywords to add to list. Run them through the Traffic Travis SEO analysis for their SEO strength rating.

Use Descriptive Targeted Keywords for Page URL’s

Aother good idea is to have page urls that are an exact match for the keywords used on that particular page.

For example, let’s use the keyword phrase “domain keyword guide”. http://example.com/domain-keyword-guide. Developed with the proper SEO and link juice, this page should rank relatively easier for the “domain keyword guide” search term compared to an un-optimized url like: http:// example.com/?page-id=139.


Go to GoDaddy or NameCheap to buy your Exact Match Domain Target Keywords for YOUR URL before it is gone.

Check This Link Out: http://blog.bloggingunderground.com/simple-and-fast-keyword-research-video/

CLICK HERE to continue with Mod Two STEP THREE and more on Target Keywords

Target Keywords Resources  -   Articles that will help you learn more about target keywords for url.

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