Power of the Google Analytics Report

Using a analytic tool is the best way for you to monitor the success of your site. Not only do you need good SEO but you must keep up and improve what is working. I prefer to use Google Analytics because it gives me some good reports and it is free. Some of the best analytic stats you need to be looking at in the Google Analytics Report to help determine how your SEO is working:  Total number of visits: Is your traffic steady, dropping, or going up? The amount of traffic you get daily is determined Read more [...]

Hell with Google, Optimize for Bing and Get Yahoo Free

Why Optimize for Bing I am sure when most of us hear the term "search engine" the first thing you think of is Google. Many of my friends don't say search it, they say "Google it". This is easy to understand because around 6 billion searches are done on any given day on Google. That is why Google is so powerful and can dictate the rules. They have the majority of the market. So when a website owner hears the term "search engine optimization" it makes sense that most owners will assume that it Read more [...]

Low Quality Backlinks

What are Low Quality Backlinks? Low quality backlinks that are inbound are links that won't increase your search engine rankings for web pages. In the best case,  low quality backlinks won't have any effect at all on your search rankings. The worst part is that low-quality links can have a negative effect on the search rankings of your pages. defining a low-quality Backlinks No Follow Links. This type of backlink uses the no follow attribute. Links that contain the no follow attribute might Read more [...]

Social Media Optimisation Strategy

What Is Social Media Optimisation? To have a successful site on today's Internet,  you need have proper social optimisation for your website. Your main goal is to find people to share your articles. To achieve this a web developer needs to understand Social Media Optimsation.  To help you should be familiar with the points listed below to help with your strategy. It is a known fact that users spend less time on a site today. In a shorter time frame the user needs to learn what the site offers. Read more [...]

Power of Bing Search

Bing Search Compared to Google Search If you have been trying to rank with Google and have not had the success you want, maybe it is time to focus on Bing search instead.  Splitting your internet marketing efforts between major search engines can be non-productive. You as a businesses owner may want to focus primarily on a major search engine that best fits your niche. And don't worry your SEO efforts like building a strong social media following and a good XML sitemap for Bing search are not Read more [...]

Using a Website SEO Checker

Using Traffic Travis as a Website SEO Checker Once you have your copy of Traffic Travis, click on SEO software tab. Then click competition for the Website SEO Analysis. (I suggest you watch the tutorial and become familiar with Traffic Travis.) When you are ready, type in your higher volume exact match Google keywords into the search space. (I like to type in five at a time) Make sure you are set to the Google search engine. CLICK FETCH. Traffic Travis will analyze the websites using those Read more [...]

Keywords or Keyword Phrases

What Is a Keyword Phrase? A well-optimised website will have a combination of carefully chosen keywords that combine to make popular searched keyword phrases. Keyword phrases are a search term that is made up of multiple keywords, or a relevant combination of keywords, that a search user would enter into a search engine. Why are keywords so important to SEO (search engine optimization)? Exact keywords form the marketing basis for any website as they determine how great a impact they have on the Read more [...]

Can You Use Google Analytics

How to effectively use Google Analytics for your site. For some, using Google Analytics is intimidating because trying to figure out how to use the vast amount of data that it offers to you. For most of us, up to 91% of the data shown will not matter. It is the remaining 9% that matters. Learn which analytic data is worth looking at with Google Analytics. Demographics How to Use Google Analytics   THIS IS ONE ASPECT OF THE ANALYTIC REPORT THAT EVERYONE WILL BE ABLE TO LOOK AT AND Read more [...]

Keys to Writing Content Rich Posts

Developing Rich Content Articles If you are already writing content rich posts that is super. If not, you need to study the essential guidelines below to develop rich content articles. Research Content: You will find that poorly researched articles are lacking in depth and have a tendency to go on and on. Do some investigative reading before you sit down to start writing a draft the content. You need to make good notes on any ideas and materials ahead of time. As you are doing your research look Read more [...]

Finding High PR Backlinks

A friend of mine named Brian Dean sent me a email recently about picking up a few quality PR backlinks. I went and tried these PR backlinks and was happy. They do take a little thinking and maybe little research but not bad. So, I want to thank Brian for sharing this with me and my readers. Give Brian's site a visit at Brian Dean [Backlinko].  Below is a copy of the email about the high PR backlinks SEO. Enjoy the article....leave us a  comment....thanks for stopping, John Hello Read more [...]

What Is Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing Technology What is LSI?...LSI is short for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI uses the meaning of a word as a kind of average decryption of the whole passage in which it appears. The meaning of the passage in a way is a kind of average of the meaning of all the words contained in the text. It is not just the relationships between the terms but also the patterns in the relationship of the words. Sounds a little confusing but think of it as co-occurrence of words that are similar Read more [...]

Anchor Text Variations

Anchor-Text Definition Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another location on the internet. Search engines use this text to help determine the subject matter of the website or linked-to document. They examine the different anchor text variations of links to alert the search engine about the relevancy of the link to the sites theme.   Should you still use anchor text variations for targeting keywords? Using anchor text is not considered Read more [...]

On-Page SEO Importance

On-page SEO OR Off-page SEO. Which has more importance? With  my website development experience, I have to admit both are equally important. But if you take into account what is important when you are starting out with your site then it has to be On-page SEO. Here are some facts why On-Page SEO is slightly more critical than Off-page SEO. 1. You need to perform on-page SEO properly at the beginning with the researching of keywords and keyword phrases. If this is not done right then you cannot Read more [...]

Niche Keyword Research

Niche Keyword Research and the Power of the Long Tail The advantages of focusing on niche keyword research and developing a niche market are spread widely. For the Internet itself, sharing and making recommendations are a remarkably efficient form of marketing. Social media continues getting larger as we read this article. Social media is built on sharing information. Niche keyword research and marketing is allowing smaller businesses and less-mainstream sites to find an audience. For searchers it Read more [...]

How to SEO Optimize Articles

SEO-optimized WordPress ThemeSEO Optimization Tips for Articles You need to perform four steps to SEO Optimize articles Increased traffic by optimizing your titles and meta descriptions Improve traffic by optimizing your page Increased traffic and ranking by adding a video Improve traffic by adding a video sitemap If you are wondering how can I learn SEO, follow these SEO techniques which are very powerful traffic sources for the new SEO that most marketers do not pay attention to. Below we Read more [...]