Examining the Competition for SEO

Your Keyword and Other Websites When examining the competition for SEO some numbers to take a look at: Domain Backlinks. These are links going to the domain itself in simple terms Page Backlinks. These are links going to a particular page. These numbers will give an idea what kind of link profile will be needed to match or beat the competitors. But one must remember that in the new SEO link quality is becoming more important  than link quantity.  Title. Does the page have the keywords in its Read more [...]

SEOPressor Tool for only $5 a month

If you are having trouble with your SEO then you need to look at this great SEO tool called SEPOPressor V.5. Click here to see the SEOPressor video and the 10 Steps To Ultra Targeted SEO Content Marketing and why a 120,000 websites are using this SEO program. What is SEOPressor? SEOPressor is a premium wordpress SEO content optimization tool that helps you do efficient ultra targeted content marketing. It’s like an SEO consultant sitting beside you and hand-holding you all the way. The Read more [...]

Anchor Text Variations

Anchor-Text Definition Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another location on the internet. Search engines use this text to help determine the subject matter of the website or linked-to document. They examine the different anchor text variations of links to alert the search engine about the relevancy of the link to the sites theme.   Should you still use anchor text variations for targeting keywords? Using anchor text is not considered Read more [...]

On-Page SEO Importance

On-page SEO OR Off-page SEO. Which has more importance? With  my website development experience, I have to admit both are equally important. But if you take into account what is important when you are starting out with your site then it has to be On-page SEO. Here are some facts why On-Page SEO is slightly more critical than Off-page SEO. 1. You need to perform on-page SEO properly at the beginning with the researching of keywords and keyword phrases. If this is not done right then you cannot start Read more [...]

SEO Traffic and Conversions

This article is about a problem most of us will have or have had. I enjoyed Jenny Munn's article on two problems, seo traffic and conversions. I hope the article will help you with your endeavors and feel free to contact myself or Jenny with any questions about how to increase seo traffic. Enoy.......John ___________________________________________________________________ Why Isn't Your Traffic Converting? So your SEO is starting to work. Sweet! You're getting more traffic to the site, you're Read more [...]

Buy Seo Services To Make Sure Your Website Takes Top Ranks?

I would like to thank MDesign Media for sharing the article buy seo services. Their SEO packages provide unique, all-in-one solutions that cater to the specific needs, prospects, markets, reach, and goals of your business. They are backed by more than 16 years of online marketing experience. Enjoy the read.....leave us a comment....thanks John _________________________________________________________________________ Should You Buy SEO Services? SEO or commonly known as Search Engine Optimization Read more [...]

Why do Website SEO Step by Step

There Are Website SEO Success Steps You MUST Do Learning about website SEO optimization is an endless job. It includes many of the Google SEO success steps such as keyword research, competitive analysis, strategic site architecture, web content, meta tags, other on-page optimization, alt-tags, anchor text diversity, optimizing social media, quality back link building, authorship development. For most of us trying to master all these steps, it makes it is very hard, time consuming and frustrating. Affordable Read more [...]

How Google Search Works — Truth Finally Told

Check out this great article by Brick Marketing on how Google search works. I found it to be very interesting but you need to do some thinking about what Google says. Again check out the links to get Google's input on how Google search works from Google   Enjoy the read.....leave us a comment..... thanks for stopping by, John ____________________________________________________________________ Google Tells Us “How Google Search Works” Writing by Brick Marketing in Search Engines As Read more [...]

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Module Three: WRITING SMART WEB CONTENT Search Engine Optimization? Well, most people believe search engine optimization (SEO) is the steps to ranking number one on the Google Keyword Research Tool Engine. Easy to say but harder to do!. What are the SEO Factors? Determine your targeted market and their needs. This includes learning about your customers and the competition. Once that is done you need to determine if you can be the "authority site" for the niche. This includes using a larger group Read more [...]

Do Web Directory Submissions Still Work For SEO Optimization?

Web Directory Submissions for SEO Optimization There are many SEO Optimization experts voicing their opinions about web directory submissions. The headline being pushed around is, "web directory submissions are dead for SEO value". Well, a lot of these same professed experts, are also saying that Page Rank has died, as well. As far as this theory goes, it is actually up to the search engines. Web Directory Issues You don't hear too many Nay Sayers saying that web directory submission do Read more [...]

Google Top SEO | Top Ranking SEO Tools

Module Three: WRITING SMART WEB CONTENT Welcome to Google Top SEO To understand what Google Top SEO,  you need to understand search engines and how they work with SEO. What is a Search Engine? In very simple terms a search engine is a spider that  crawls and downloads a page content and stores it on it's own server. A second program, known as a indexer extracts information like the words on the page, where the words are located and the weight of the keywords, along with all internal and external Read more [...]

Use the Best SEO Tools | Webmaster SEO Tools

Module Three: WRITING SMART WEB CONTENT Welcome to Best SEO Tools Proper SEO starts with proper keyword search for your niche. Next, you need to analysis your keywords to determine the SEO strength of the competition. Then write quality website content. As you build your site, the on-page SEO is very important. But the work really begins with setting up and maintaining proper Search Engine Optimization or off-page SEO. The almighty backlinking. Advantage of Using the Best SEO Tools Some SEO Read more [...]

Google SEO Tips To Generate Traffic

Thanks to Generating Web Traffic for sharing this article and thoughts with us. Enjoy the read...leave a comment... thanks John  Simple Google SEO Tips I think we can all agree that marketing and generating traffic to your website is a must to succeed online. There is far too much competition for you to just sit back and hope that people will come to visit. One method to increase traffic volume is optimizing your website for the search engines.   Google SEO tips to get you going Read more [...]

Image Alt Tags and the Truth!

It is very important to understand how you should use image alt tags, so you don't abuse them. See the author's opinion on the subject. What are your thoughts about using image alt tags? Are you even using them? Leave us your thoughts... thanks John My Opinion on the Image Alt Tags The main purpose of using an image alt tag is to provide an alternative text to describe your web images. Let's say some one is visiting your site and can not download or see your images. Your text would be shown Read more [...]

Website SEO Steps

Website SEO Steps and Responsibilities Keyword research is the most important step of all your website SEO steps. You can easily test and change keywords in paid search campaigns, it is not as easy in organic search optimization. You normally want to concentrate on five to ten keyword phrases (categories)for the site theme and one to three phrases for each page. Many of the important steps for SEO happen on the website. There is a lot of talk about off-page link building which is known to be Read more [...]