The Difference Between a New Algorithm and an Update

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I enjoyed this article about the Google new algorithm 2013 and thought you may also. I want to thank Paul Vesely for writing this great article.

A couple of sites like to keep up with is the Google News Algorithm and Facebook Algorithm News Feed. Some articles interesting and some over my head but I still enjoy the site.

Enjoy the article…John


Google’s New Algorithm for Speed

humming bird new algorithmToday Google officially confirmed the news that they had released within the past month of September 2013 a new algorithm to power their search results called Hummingbird. Why is it called ‘Hummingbird’ – Amit Singhal who is a senior VP and software engineer at Google says because it is accurate and fast. Those two buzz words are the focus of all of Google’s recent updates to the new algorithm so let’s breakdown this newest algorithm, and understand what is different and how it will affect your search results and your website’s traffic.

What is the difference between a new algorithm and an update?

Google algorithm updates is when Google adds extra code to the existing algorithm in an effort to help it produce better results which are less influenced by manipulation and black hat SEO techniques. It is simply like spreading an extra layer of code on top of the existing algorithm code to update it and make it even more complex yet more accurate. Examples of recent algorithm updates are the Panda update in February 2011 which focused on onpage and offpage quality. Then there was the Penguin update in April 2012 which focused on penalizing sites that were over optimized.


Google Hummingbird, which was launched at the start of September 2013 is a totally new algorithm. Google has said that not since 2001 have they launched a new algorithm and not since the caffeine algorithm launch in February 2010 has there been such a drastic change in the algorithm. That doesn’t mean that Google ‘threw the baby out with the bathwater’ totally deleting all factors that influenced the old algorithm. It means they used the best parts of the old algorithm and ensured it was coded into this Google new algorithm. So the general optimization and SEO rules have not changed but there are a few things that you should be aware of with this new hummingbird algorithm.

To learn more about what is up with the Google new algorithm…click here


Webmaster Summary:

From what I understand overloading a article with the same keyword term over and over again is going away. We need to learn to use a list of keywords that alert the search engine  about what the site topic is. I call these “expert terms” because they are the terms a expert in that niche would use to explain that topic. So Hummingbird is a Google SEO Update and is here to stay.


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PLEASE feel free to post a relevant comment or question below about the google new algorithm. I will be delighted to help you with any question I can……JOHN

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