Google Keyword Planner Other Features

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Besides finding Google word search volume, competition and cpc bid amounts, the new Google keyword tool; Keyword Planner has some other features for the organic marketer.

The other features of the Google keyword planner

  1. You can use it to spy and swipe your competitor’s keywords
  2. You can find your local keywords a lot faster
  3. It is a great tool for people looking for niche market topics to blog about
  4. It works well to create a perfect silo structure for your site

How to Use Keyword Planner other features…

Use the Google planner to spy and steal your competitor’s keywords

First off determined your keyword phrase and niche for your own website. Then type in your main keyword phrase into Google search. Copy the URL’s for the top 5-10 websites. (make sure they are not ads) Go to Keyword Planner and enter one off the competitor’s URL into the “your landing page box”
Google planner uses a software program that digs out the keywords and ad group ideas that are relevant for that site. You can also add a term or two that are relevant to the site under “product category”.

Make sure you prioritize your keywords, by making a decision on which low volume keywords can be used for content generation to catch the so-called “low hanging fruit” from the keyword planner. Determine which high competition keywords can be used as the long term focus keywords to use to optimize your site and meta descriptions.


Top Secret Tips:                                                                                                     To find a different selection of keywords just change to a different country in the Adwords planner and see how the keywords change. You may find a specific keywords that are being targeted somewhere else and blend them in to your text.

Use the Include/Exclude feature for long tail keywords. Under “Include”, type in: why,what, where, what, how, when. Monitor what comes up. Add the relevant long tail terms to your list. You can blend them into the relevant article or if topic has not been written about, do a  blog article about the keywords.

Find local keywords a lot faster:
This new feature is great for focusing on a location such as the United States or getting right down to your home town. If  you are building a site that caters to a local area check this feature out.

Niche market topics to blog about:
The product category search of the tool is a great way to find niches.
Just select a product category here, (may take a few clicks to fine tune) then click get estimates. If  you find keywords that may work, run them through the Traffic Travis SEO Difficulty Tool to see how tough the competition is to rank against.

Create a perfect silo structure for your site:
I am a big believer in silo structure. This is a super tool because it helps to find topics that are closely related to a niche. By creating a silo structure around a strong topic will help me increase the relevance on my site.
When on the keyword generator click the “Ad Group Ideas” and look for your main keyword. You will find groups of related keywords that you can use for silo categories, titles and article ideas.

Google Keyword Search Resources –                                                                 Articles that will help you learn more about research on Google keyword planner


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