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google keywords tool box image Welcome to Google Keywords Tool Box

Many website builders think that Google Keyword Planner Research Tool is just about finding keyword search terms. But Google has a page on the net called the Google Keywords Tool Box. This page offers a great list of other Google tools for your tool box that are available to website developers.

 Tools that are on the Google Keywords Tool Box page:

  • Google Keyword GeneratorTool
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Gadgets
  • Google Labs
  • Google Chrome – Free Browser
  • Google AdSense – Income Monetization
  • Google +1 Button
  • Google Trends
  • Submit a New Site
  • Google Analytics
  • Free Google Products
  • Google SEO Starter Guide

You should take a afternoon and go through this list of tools that the Google Sandbox Tool offers. I don’t use all the tools available on the Google Keywords Tool Box yet. I will discuss the ones I do use like Keyword Planner as my favorite to find Google Keyword Tool Search Volume


Google Keywords Tool Box

If you are not familiar with the tools in the Google keywords tool box for research, you need to click the links  provided to bring you up to speed. We also offer a series of articles dealing with the Google Keywords Tools listed below.


Google Webmaster Central

This is a useful tool that I suggest you read through. It is a little more advanced for someone new to website design. I have tied Webmaster Central and Google Analytics together. Once tied you can look at your site in a little more current time. See your most popular landing pages, keywords used to find you, referring links (backlinks) plus much more.


Google Chrome Browser

If you haven’t signed up for this free browser I strongly suggest you do. To use any of the Google keyword tools in the box you will need a Google account. Chrome had some problems but have worked most of them out. It is fast and works well with the Internet and websites.


Google AdSense – Web Income

Depending on how you decide to make money on your site AdSense is a great choice for new sites. Once you sign up, Google will place ads on your website that relate to your website. You earn money when people click the ads. To see an example look at this site.

If you plan on using AdSense don’t put the ads on until you start to rank. Concentrate on getting to the first page of Google for one of your keywords.

When placing AdSense ads make sure the ads are “below the fold”. This term comes from newspapers and not having ads on the front top of the page. This holds true for websites also. When your pages come up on the visitors computer you don’t want them to see ads until they scroll down.

Now Google AdSense will suggest you put the ads up high and on the left side for best exposure. But Google Search Engine doesn’t like to see ads first but relevant content. You may be penalized for the for the high ads.


Google +1 Button

Once you have placed a Google +1 button on your site, it allows your visitors to recommend your site to other people. For Google tool to work you need good content.


 Submit a New Site

I strongly suggest you DO NOT USE this feature. It just takes too long. The best way to notify Google is to let them find it on their own through backlinks.

Do your Google keyword research. Get a domain and set up hosting account. Create a good content  “temp” page. Get some backlinks to the temp page. Now here comes the hard part. WAIT until the site has been indexed. (type in URL to see if it shows up) After being indexed you can add a blog and new content for your “targeted keywords”


Google Analytics

This is a very useful SEO analysis software. Sign up for it right away as it is a very useful tool to have in your Google keywords tool box As your site develops a history it will be recorded by Google Analytic. This site is useful for monitoring your daily and monthly site traffic. This traffic can be broken down into direct, search, and referral. It shows on which pages the traffic lands, where the traffic goes and when it drops off. You can also monitor the keywords that are used.

Depending on your ability this analysis software offers a ton of information.


Google SEO Starter Guide

If you have never read this I suggest you do. You need to understand what Google wants from the websites to be ranked. For more information on the Google keywords Tool Box see a article by clicking here.

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  Copyright 2011  Google Keyword Research Tool  and  Google Keywords Tool Box

PLEASE feel free to post a relevant comment or question below about Google toll box. I will be delighted to help you with any question I can……JOHN

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2 thoughts on “Google Keywords Tool Box

  1. Hey Author,
    I just stumbled across this and, I need to research a friends website to find out where his website ranks in Google based on the different keywords associated with his website (does that make sense – wow!) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Cherrio,

      Try Traffic Travis or Page Tracker. They both have free versions. Run the keywords through both and compare

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