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Home of the GOOGLE KEY WORD RESEARCH SUCCESS STEPS….A guide for keyword research solutions and search engine optimisation to help you stay ahead of the competition…

Use Keyword Research Solutions for Effective Search Engine Optimisation

john arend discussing search engine optimisation techniquesHello, John Arend here! By using the mods below, you will be on your way to attracting organic traffic by using keyword research and effective search engine optimisation techniques and tools.By clicking the free link to Google Key Word Research Success Steps. As you start to go through the nodules, you will start to understand how to do perform better research for keywords which will enable you to develop search engine optimisation that works.

  • MOD ONE: SEO Keyword Research Basics… Learn to use keyword research solutions along with search engine optimisation to be steps ahead of the competition. READ MORE…(determines 35% of financial success)
  • MOD TWO: On-Page Organic SEO Marketing and Optimization…  Learn to perform basic SEO marketing yourself and develop a siloed website structure. READ MORE… (determines 10% of financial success)
  • MOD THREE: Writing Smart Web Content…  Learn the in’s and out’s of writing web content using LSI keywords and expert words for Google Panda and the human visitor. READ MORE…(determines 20% of financial success)
  • MOD FOUR: Off-Page SEO Marketing and Optimization…  Look at your best site structure optionsexplore getting links to your site from popular and relevant on topic sites. READ MORE…(determines 35% of financial success)

Why Good Keyword Research is Vital to the Success of Your Online Business

Keywords for SEO are the source and backbone of a well thought-out and defined SEO marketing strategy for your niche market. If you wish to succeed, there are two important ranking solutions you need to do. One, you need to find long-tail keywords for your niche and second, learn the secrets to properly optimize pages for higher search engine placement for your main pages. It doesn’t matter what your search engine marketing strategy includes. It could be using free organic SEO optimisation or a pay-per-click campaign, you still must research and find your target keywords in the beginning.

Proper research allows you the opportunity to rank highly for better keywords and to improve your search engine optimisation results for your web pages within the search engine. Besides discussing niche keyword research and themed keyword research solutions, the Success Steps will help you generate traffic from semantically-related words along with powerful long tail keywords. The actual need for SEO optimisation is a simple concept to understand but is hard for the start-up marketer to execute. When you use keyword optimisation the proper way, it will help you develop search engine optimisation solutions and strategies by using expert keywords and LSI keywords.

OUR Goal: Finding proper keywords to optimize for rankings on major search engines without being slapped for over-optimizing.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

I am sure your main goal as a marketer is the same as mine. That is, to get targeted visitors to come and see the website. To do that, we need a traffic building strategy that brings in people looking for products within our niche. If no-one is visiting our sites, or none of our visitors are actually looking for the products we are selling, then they’re not going to buy.

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the method used to get organic traffic and visitors to a website. The main reason for keyword research and the optimising of your site for the search engine, is to make it easier for the RIGHT people to find your site. I am sure, like me, you plan to do your own on-page SEO optimisation yourself (which I strongly suggest) To make your life easier click here to see how I use SEOPressor to do my search engine optimisation automatically.

Marketing Strategy Must Keep Up with the NEW SEO 

The importance of focusing your website content to specific keywords and keyphrases has become a bigger part of the NEW SEO. Many marketing novices naturally have read and assumed they will get a higher search engine rankings by packing their web content full of the same keyword phrase over and over again. The problem is the playing field has changed again. Improper keyword density is now considered over-optimisation by the major search engines. So how do you keep track of what’s working and what’s not working with search results? It takes a lot of daily research but there are segments of SEO that are not changing. Good solid keywords, quality content and the use of expert terms are three main ingredients we need to use to stay ahead of Google’s organic search engine. Make sure you sign up for our email service to receive any new thoughts and ideas.

Success Steps Will Help Find Competitive Long Tail Keywords to Target for Your Site

Keywords are important because they are the specific terms users enter into a search engine query when they are searching for content. Finding good, competitive keywords to target for a site is a combination of science and art and this will not change. The goal is to locate keywords with large enough search volume but are not too competitive. Because the internet is becoming more and more competitive, website owners are turning to a list of long tail keywords to generate their traffic. I like using three related long tail keywords per page.

Why Focus on Less Competitive Keywords

The main point, you must understand is that with the new SEO, you do not want to have a single keyword phrase appearing in your content over and over again. Search engine spiders consider that keyword stuffing or over-optimization of your text. Google especially feels it creates a bad user experience and their search engine algorithm works hard to rank pages using these techniques lower. To make sure you avoid the Google Slap, click here In terms of finding search keywords, the success solution is to use longer, less competitive keyword phrases.

No matter what you read, it’s important to keep in mind that no one knows exactly what the search engine algorithms focus on, and we are dealing with a written software, not humans. Learning how to naturally include your primary keyword phrase along with long tail terms in related content is a major factor but there is more to the success formula.

With today’s Google, a website page must be a blend of the primary keyword phrase, long tail keywords and related LSI keyphrases. Terms I like to call expert words that help establish a site as a authority.



Dear Webmaster, You have put together a fantastic site. Plenty of useful SEO keyword research and SEO information here. I have been plodding along trying to get traffic. I improved my keyword phrases and focused on a tighter niche. My traffic has increased but what I am excited about is I started making some sales. I am going to redo my important pages with your suggestions. Funny I am not concerned about traffic anymore, just conversions. I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn search engine optimization.                                                                                                          Thanks for your expertise - Celine at The Classic 


Value of Semantically-Related Expert Words

I am sure you understand by now, it is never a good idea to stuff your site full of the same repetitive keywords. With the recent Google algorithm changes you need to provide natural sounding content and take into account the value of semantically-related expert words. These are terms that are related to the theme of the topic and known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords.

LSI Keyword Research 

If you want to know more about LSI keywords click here. For right now all you need to know is that LSI means that the search engine robot will evaluate the page as a whole. It scans the content taking into account all the related keywords to determine what the page is about. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is just one specific algorithm that the search engines use to evaluate site content through the grouping of related keywords to determine the topic.

Understanding the Power of LSI

To help you understand the power of LSI, let’s look at old SEO. Under the old SEO when a site was crawled, the crawling bot would see that the primary keyword phrase is used over and over and would determine what the page was about from that keyword term. With today’s NEW SEO the bot would flag the page as over-optimized and rank it lower. Remember search engines are a business and want to show the best results to their visitors. They want to recommend informative sites with the proper SEO pages that not over-optimized and stuffed with repetitive keywords.

Build Content Around Website Theme With Words and Phrases

A copywriter that is considered a authority on a topic will use different words than a novice would. The LSI algorithm will look at the words that make up the document, and try to group them into words and phrases that are thematically related.

As more and more related words and phrases are identified, the topic becomes clearer, giving the search engine the ability to “know” what that content is about. The better the LSI algorithm, the better able it is to identify the page topic.

OUR Goal: Find themed expert keywords to optimize for rankings on the major search engines without being slapped for over-optimizing.

Learn the Secret of Blending Keywords to Write Naturally

The key to offering quality content, you need to write naturally with good flow. This is done by intentionally including your target related keywords in your content along with long tail and LSI keywords.This will ensure that your site gets ranked for the specific primary phrase you’re targeting while still compensating by using other expert words for the new changes in semantically related word algorithms of the search engines.

Learn to Perform Effective Search Engine Optimization

SEO is nothing new now and any experienced marketer will tell you that it’s crucial to getting noticed in the Google run world. Over the years there have been so many algorithmic changes. Website owners and businesses keep suffering the backlash of all these changes. You as a marketer just needs to find a new way to make SEO optimisation not a short term solution but a long term one. I will share some tools to highlight the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation.


OUR Goal: Find a easier and effective way to optimize for rankings on the major search engines without being slapped for over-optimizing.


So what does this mean for you as a site owner?

There are many keyword strategies for SEO that can be followed to improve search engine optimization. But by using the strategies discussed on this site you will find ways to get you better results to improve the rank of your site in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You will learn secrets to developing a well written, authoritative article that well be naturally themed around your topic by using groups of themed expert keywords.

Search engine optimisation is not all about a site’s position on the SERPs (like position 1 versus 2, or 5 versus 7) – it’s also about the quality of the listing and if it inspires confidence in your site and tells the user you have what they are looking for.

Your overall goal is to develop steady, new traffic of qualified visitors for your online venue. In order to do this, you must have a clear concept and set strategies about keyword research for SEO to reap maximum benefits from the highest potential keywords. You want to create quality content that is packed with valuable information to the visitor in a natural state. Then convince the search engines your site is superior with SEO without getting slapped..


WEBSITE USER FEEDBACK on seo optimisation…

“John, I love your blog. It is now a favorite source. It is so full of needed information and valuable data about keyword research for SEO and tips for organic topics to channel with SEO. I want to “thank you” for working with me on finding successful, relevant Google keywords for my niche site. I just added some content relevant for my new keyword phrase and used those important “expert keywords” and I can not believe the difference it has made on my traffic but also how fast it improved my conversions. The search engine optimization tools you suggested paid for themselves!” - RELEVANT LINKS – UK


So, whether you want to update old content or work on new web content for your site, it’s important to blend the different types of keyphrases properly along with expert keywords into your content to create a more natural flowing copy. Search engines will reward natural writing when it has not been forced fed with keywords and phrases in the content.

Your blog should be tightly focused on one topic, and everything in your SEO strategy, including the items we discussed above, should be focused on that topic. If you don’t keep the big picture focused, none of your hard detail work will matter. The recommended  SEOPressor plugin will help you keep both the big picture in focus with the use of LSI keywords, and keep an eye on the SEO details. The new key is to make sure search engines and readers alike know exactly what your site is all about.

Your Long-term Goal is to Build a Profitable Business By Developing Your Keyword Research and On-page Optimisation With the Success Modules

My thoughts to you, the website owner:

When you’re just getting started with your search engine marketing, if you go after one highly competitive phrase it might take you months or even longer to see any ranking action for the phrase. But if your goal is to rank high for multiple long-tail keyword phrases then you will receive lots of free traffic from the different segments of the search engines. And the traffic will even be more targeted when you blend in your list of LSI expert keywords for a more complete organic SEO optimization.

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Sometimes it just takes a ahhhh moment to make a difference in your keyword search optimisation  and SEO marketing results.

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